Vacation Bible School

“The Good Samaritan” Love your enemies. A man is traveling on a dangerous road when he’s attacked by bandits, robbed, and left for dead. Two people come by who we believe should care for this man, but don’t. Then one comes who shouldn’t care, but does.

For this reason, I think we should invite people whom we overlook. In many ways, we are a clan-oriented group of people. Most often, we look out first for our immediate extended family, and then close friends, and then those who share our values or associations. We tend to overlook and avoid those who are different from us.

God created all people in the image of God. Christ died for all people. That would be a valuable message to tell our families and our communities. If we're reading the parable right, it seems that according to Jesus, being neighbor involved not only giving help, but also being willing to receive it, even and especially to and from those we don’t normally see as “like us.”

So perhaps this week, invite someone doesn't look like YOU! We are all a part of congregations are that have been formed and nurtured by a shared faith, shared ethnicity and shared traditions. I believe God has worked through so many people to care for us. He wants us to meet the needs of others, and to continuously look around and care for those that are similarly in need - I believe we can. Be A Blessing!

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