The Four D's of Spiritual Empowerment!

Discover God's Spirit in Our Life 

We must discover God's Spirit or God's Presence in our life. The word discover means to be the first to recognize the potential of something and to be aware of someone. Many times, in the Book of Revelation, God corrects them about their actions because they were not aware of God's Presence. In the book of Malachi, they said “Wherein have we robbed thee?” In tithes and offering. They were not aware of their actions toward God. Isaiah the major prophet, said “I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and His Glory filled the temple.” Was there a point in time where God wasn't High and Lifted Up, or His train didn't fill the temple? What changed Isaiah? He discovered the Presence and Power of God in his life.

Develop the Power of God in Our Life

Everyone needs development so that we can reach our full potential in life. In the Book of Corinthians, Paul call them brethren and carnal at the same time. Yes, we can be carnal and saved at the same time. As a believer, we must develop our Spirit. So that we can spiritual discern the things of God and know the deep things of God. Also, we need each City of Fire member to attend Christian Growth. Our numbers are not where they should be, however; I believe Christian Growth gives each of us the opportunity to grow and know each other!!!

Decree the things of God in Our Life 

The Principle of a declaration is a Biblical principle. We must decree God's Presence and Power on earth. In the book of Job, “God said once we return to Him, you will decree a thing and it will be established, and the light shall shine upon thy ways.” God always uses man to perform His Word and Will on earth. We must decree I am Holy, Sanctified, and Saved by the blood and the grace of God. Lord, here I am use me!! God wants to show His love on earth through you, by loving one another. God wants to save somebody through our life. So let your life shine! We will decree our building is Finish, Filled, and Paid in Full. 

Demonstrate God's Spirit through Our Life. 

In the book of Acts, God uses man to perform the supernatural. In today's time, God wants the word to be confirmed with signs and wonders. The world wants a demonstration of the supernatural. Believers and unbelievers come to church with various needs. Our job is to fulfill those needs through the power and presence of God. Acts 10:38, Jesus went about doing good and healing people. God wants to heal somebody through our life, by placing our hand on the sick. 

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