The Book Club!

Over the years, I have become more interested in discovering my inner-self. I also believe books allow you to think outside of the box. Simply put, books have given me the opportunity to travel around the world free of charge. It's not always the best way to travel, but it's the cheapest way I know. More importantly, the closeness I've felt when gathering with the other women left me speechless. The more I attended the book club; I found myself sharing some of the same ideas and I vaguely remember saying within..."They are going through that too?" The book club gave me a way to connect and network with other women all around the city. In addition to gaining a friend; I also gained a window into their lives, which was so very different from my own.

As women, we have to be honest! We believe we're totally on an island by ourselves and no one else has encountered brokenness, divorce, overeating, molestation, Christian rejection, and my lists of discoveries go on-and-on. That's how the enemy draws us away. We need each other because we are better together.

So, CFM's Book Club will allow us to do several things to discover where we are in life. Above all, I pray it will allow us to recognize the camaraderie we have with each other and you feel safe enough to share your experience with another woman as they come alongside of you to be healed. Yes! Tears will eventually flow, because we're Sisters.

Finally. Let's eat. Let's chit chat. Let's have fun while healing together! Check out Lady V's new blog Don't forget to purchase the book "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis.

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