The definition of "Share" is was most touching when it referenced "giving a portion of (something) to another or others. Using, occupying or enjoying (something) jointly with another or others. Then, possessing (a view or quality) in common with others. Wow! Are not we all their in one way or another in this life?

We all have stories about good times and bad, how we’ve struggled to find answers where there were none. We have overcome hardships and heartaches, and we've discovered the secrets to some of our life’s greatest joys. But yet, we're reluctant to share these stories in FEAR that no one will understand or simply resulting to. This is my private prison. No one else has encountered such a hardship. I doubt that!

Of course, most of us are very selective about the stories we choose to tell. We especially avoid sharing experiences that make us feel foolish, vulnerable or boastful. More often than not, we simply can’t imagine anyone would be interested. But sharing our experiences with others is not only empowering, it can help to lighten the way of those who may be walking a similar path as our very own.

I love this quote "My experience has taught me that supporting one another to fulfill our individual and collective potential is why we are all here. Sometimes, all it takes to connect with someone else is sharing our vulnerable story, lending an ear or a shoulder, and just being present for them." ~Sahil Dhingra

Sharing is Healing for You and Others

Sharing our experiences can help us find meaning in the most painful events and it allows us to gain a greater sense of purpose and direction for our own life. It is through unfiltered stories that we become free to be our authentic self among, while helping others who have had similar experiences. This is often where the healing process begins.

As you dare to share your story, it will help you find your voice and you learn to communicate in a way this is authentic and transparent. During this time, you will find out things about yourself from the act of simply telling your personal story.

At the very least your willingness to be vulnerable serves to assure others that difficulties won’t break us. That it is not only possible to endure and survive this marvelous roller coaster ride we call life, but to grow stronger and thrive as a result of all of our experiences.

My personal favorites almost always begin with “I still can’t believe I actually did that!”

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